Our Menu

First Course :
The Foie Gras, Rhubarb Chutney , grilled Kougelhopf slice 18,00€
The Shirred Egg  with Mushrooms and Turmeric, Sweet Potatoes Chips 13,00€
The Beetroot Gaspacho with Balsamic, Tarragon Infused whipped Cream 13,00€
The fresh Tartar of the Fish Market with Avocado and Mango 15,00€
Main Course:
The “Aberdeen Angus” Beef Fillet, Strong Gravy, white Asparagus and Waffel-Potatoes 27,00€
The panfried Trout from the Fishfarm of Heimbach, Waffel-Potatoes and Spring Onions cooked in Olive-Oil 24,00€
The Haddock fillet, Turnip-Ginger Mashed Puree, dried Apricots sauce with Olives 23,00€
 Alsace Organic Sauerkraut with 2 sorts of  Sausages (Strasbourg & Montbéliard), smoked Meat, 2 sorts of Bacon  20,00€
The Suckling Pig Knuckle , Potatoes, Munster Cheese and  Horseradish Sauce 19,50€
Desserts :
The Cheese plate of our Selection 9,00€
The Chocolate and Yuzu Dessert 9,50€
The Citrus-Pavlova, Organic Lemon Sorbet and roasted Cashew Nuts 9,00€
Sweet dough topped with Lime Custard and Strawberries marinated in Olive Oil with Vanilla 9,00€
 Gourmet Café according to the daily fresh pastries of the Chef 10,00€


As our restaurant is currently working with fresh products, accompaniments are likely to change depending on arrivals.

To  maintain the quality of our services, from 8 people it is no longer possible to eat “a la carte” a menu will be arranged for the entire table.