Our Menu

The Shirred Egg with alsatian Shitake Mushroom, Kale Crisps,  toasted Country Bread with Olive-Oil 14,00€
The Vanilla Foie Gras, Varieties of Radish, Low-warm Brioche Dices, Red Onion Chutney and Roasted Cashew Nuts 18,00€
The Rutabaga and spicy Carrot Velouté , Yellow Turnip Tartlet with Chestnut-Honey and Thyme 14,00€
The Mango and Avocado Tartare, panfried Black Tiger Gambas, Fresh Coriander and Mango Crisps 15,00€
Main Course:
The fried Quinoa and Cauliflower Cream, warm Romanesco Pickles, Avocado notes , Parsnip Chip 19,00€
The “Aberdeen Angus” Beef Fillet, Vitelotte Röstis, Morbier Slice and Mesclun Salad 26,00€
The  Lambshank cooked in low temperature, Tricolor carrots with Rosemary, Millefeuille of Charlotte Potatoes 23,00€
Alsatian Dishes
The Alsace Sauerkraut with 2 sorts of sausages (Strasbourg & Montbéliard), smoked Meat, 2 sorts of Bacon  19,50€
The Suckling Pig Knuckle cooked in low Temperature, panfried Potatoes 19,50€
The Scallops fried a la plancha, Jerusalem Artichoke Velouté , Spelt Shells and Purslane Leaves 24,00€
The  Roasted Haddock Fillet, Colonata Bacon Slice, Roasted Seed Mix, Chickpea Puree and White Butter with Lemon 24,00€
Desserts :
The Lemon-and-Bergamot Curd, Crispy Millet and Chantilly with Mascarpone, candied Bergamot  and Meringues with Mustard seeds 9,00€
The  Brownie with Chocolate and Black Beans, Opalys Ganache, Apple Julienne, dried Cranberries and Apple Sorbet  9,00€
The Rice-Pudding Infused with Vanilla, Poached Pear in a Syrup with Hibiscus, Light Chantilly and Crunchy Hibiscus Petals  9,00€
The Gourmet Café according to the daily fresh pastries of the Chef 10,00€

To  maintain the quality of our services, from 8 people it is no longer possible to eat “a la carte” a menu will be arranged for the entire table.